Week of Prayer – 2015

Coming December 4 is the annual Week of Prayer with the theme "Gifts of Grace." Find PDF files of the Readings for download, reading, and printing under the "Publications" tab. God bless this special Week! Live broadcasts from the General Conference headquarters are every Friday at 7:00 pm EST, Sabbath at 11:00 am, and Sabbath at 7:00 pm (click on the LiveStream button below). Under "Multimedia" are featured video recordings, including presentations from the August Centennial Symposium on the Spirit of Prophecy. Make a category selection from the Multimedia dropdown menu, and click on the video you wish to watch. God bless you with your special gift of grace from Above!

Daily Meditation

Safe in His Keeping

“God has set bounds that Satan cannot pass. Our most holy faith is this barrier; and if we build ourselves up in the faith, we shall be safe in the keeping of the Mighty One.” –Maranatha, p.64.