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Beliefs The foundation of the eternal kingdom is shown in how God has dealt with this earth's inhabitants and will finish the experiment of sin.
Division–Africa The African Division covers not only a large area but also a large population of 1 billion people in 56 countries. The population has doubled in just 27 years. A major push has been made especially into West Africa in the last two decades.
Division–Asia The Asian Division encompasses a very large territory and a huge population of 4.14 billion people in 49 countries, the largest being China and India. The Reformation has advanced deeper into Asia by God’s grace in the last two decades.
Division–Europe The European Division comprises western and eastern Europe with a population of about 739 million people. Western Europe, especially Germany, has historically been a major contributor of means and missionaries for the advancement of God’s cause, especially in Latin America and Africa.
Division–Latin America Composed of the entire South American continent plus Central America and Mexico, the Latin American Division covers a large area with a population of 555 million. This area of the world has been blessed to have the Reformation message established there since the 1930s.
Division–North America/Caribbean The countries of North America are not a division but are supervised by the General Conference Executive Committee. The population numbers 400 million in these countries. The U.S. and Canada have been acquainted with the message of Reformation since 1925.
Division–Oceania Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands have a population of about 36 million people. God has faithful children scattered across a wide expense of land and sea.
Officers The primary officers of the General Conference are involved not just in planning but in hands-on daily operations. The advancement of God's work into new countries entails frequent contact, for representatives on the ground in each country face circumstances requiring great wisdom on every possible level–financial, administrative, and spiritual. Frequent phone calls and emails to and from officers and staff provide support in training, counsel, and assistance in decision making. In...
Where from? The International Missionary Society is a Christian denomination that takes the Bible as its sole foundation of faith and practice and believes in Jesus as the Son of God and the Redeemer. His imminent second coming to earth, faithfulness to the Ten Commandments of God, and the principle of nonviolence are central to the movement’s fundamental beliefs. Having its roots in the advent message preached in the nineteenth century, the organization considers the preaching of the gospel to all...